Comenius Project "WATER - every drop counts"

The topic of the meeting was water and its properties, and students of the Electromechanical School prepeared experiments, workshops and presentations on the properties of water that they will introduce to our guests. The school hosted teachers and students from Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece. For the participants of the project will be organized workshops and lectures, a tour of the city of Varazdin and visit to Plitvice lakes. This project is running since October 2013 until June 2015, and its total value is 22 500 EUR (EU-funded).

Objectives of the project:
• increase the motivation of students and involve them in activities
• get to know the customs and culture of participants from different countries
• improve communication skills and knowledge of English
• connect the curricula of different subjects
• increase awareness of the importance of water to all areas of human activity
• develop a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Day one:

On the first day our students and teachers met our guests from other countries in front OF the Hotel "Turist" and brought them to the scHool. The director Igor Kos held a welcoming speech and then they showed them the school. After that, they went to lunch and later had a tour through Varaždin. Later they had dinner.

Picture gallery: Comenius Project WATER every drop counts - First day

Day two:

On the second day students presented their presentations and had workshops based on water and its properties. Our students demonstrated our equipment and made some experiments to make the workshops more fun and understandable. Later that day, they went to the Varaždin spa. They learned about the history of the Varaždin spa and took a tour through the spa.

Picture gallery: Comenius Project WATER every drop counts - Second day

Day three:

On the third day our guests, students and teachers took a trip to the famous Plitvica lakes. Plitvica lakes are fameous for its beautiful lakes and landscape.

Picture gallery: Comenius Project WATER every drop counts - Third day

Day four:

On the fourth day and also the last day our students and teacher held a goodbye speech and gave them small gifts. They were free for the rest of the day. Our students took them to a caffe and had fun for the rest of the day.

Picture gallery: Comenius Project WATER every drop counts - Fourth day


"My school takes part in many projects, one of which is Comenius. The project theme was water, but we dealt with in various fields: chemistry and physics, geography, history, art... My colleagues and I observed water in chemistry and physics and visited Turkey and there presented our results. By visiting Turkey I have gained new friendships and met with a completely different culture. We also enriched our social skills and used the knowledge of English in practice. In Turkey we met Portuguese, Greeks, Romanians and Spaniards. They now visited us in Varazdin where they presented their results and information related to water. It was nice to meet up with acquaintances at 6 months and then work with them. This project was an interesting life experience. I think that other high schools in Croatia should include in various projects and develop the capacity of young people." 




"As part of the international project Comenius - "Water, every drop counts" teachers and students from Greece, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey visited the Electromechanical School Varaždin. Besides a wonderful experience I also gained new knowledge. In conversation with other students, I met their culture, language, way of education and many other details of their everyday life. I am very grateful and proud I was involved in this project. I'm glad we were able to show the uniqueness of the city of Varaždin and Varaždin Spa and the beauty of Plitvice Lakes. A good part of the time we used to hang out and party, and so we have gained new friendships."