The European Job Market of the Youth

The objectives of the project The European Job Market of the Youth:

  • Increasing the link between education, mobility and labor market with the objective of helping students to familiarize themselves with the European labor market, life abroad and international environment.
  • The project is closely linked to innovative methods such as the widespread use of ICT, workshops regarding entrepreneurship, it is multilingual and concentrated on learning outcomes associated with real life.
  • Promoting language skills and self-confidence, improving presentation skills and responsibility for your team and personal work.
  • The participation of students in the project will enable easier and more successful start in the labor market, and to the teachers it will allow better knowledge based on IT, communication, innovative teaching methods, the development of creativity and basic skills in order to better prepare students to find their "place in the sun" on labor market

Project partners

1. Ahnatalschule Vellmar, www.ahnatalschule-vellmar.deStudents between the ages of 5 and 16, GERMANY

2. Donnerska skolan, Students between the ages of 10 and 14, FINLAND

3. Oezel Esayan Ermeni Lisesi, Students up to the age of 18, TURKEY

4. Brassai Samuel Gimnazium es Muszaki Szakkoezepiskola, Students between the ages of 14 to 21, HUNGARY

5. Il Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace w Zespole Szkol Ogolnoksztalcaco – Technicznych, Students between the ages of 14 to 18, POLAND

6. Elektrostrojarska škola, Students between the ages of 14 to 18, CROATIA

Activities and Workshops 

C1 Poland 

- How NOT to find a job

- Standard vs. Europass CV

- What do we know about Finland

- Creativity workshops

- Negotiations, problem solving and assertive behavior 

C3 Croatia 

- The perfect interview

- Problems we may face abroad

- A few steps to a perfect multimedia presentation

- How to give a good presentation 

C4 Turkey 

- My perfect e-portfolio

- A few steps to become the perfect candidate for the job and an even better worker

- Presentation of the questionnaire after the first year of the project

- Time management (working under pressure, how to organize time, the time “thieves” ...) 

C5 Hungary 

- My job search diary

- The analysis of the national labor market

- "From the bosses point of view"

- Interviews - Workshops on group work and team building

- Ways of coping with stress 

C6 Germany 

- Interviews with the employees in companies - presentation

- Presentation of the results of the questionnaire: I, my qualities, expectations and interests in the professional field

- The selection of professional profiles - professional guidance

- Introducing yourself and building of confidence

- Final Conference 

Project results 

1. Placing greater emphasis on creativity in business

2. To assist students in making career decisions - how to help young people find their way in the labor market

3. To help students become good speakers, understand the importance of body language and of positive "feedback„

4. The basic elements of "coaching"

5. To offer students possible solutions for dealing with the problems and their solutions

6. Teach students how to gain self-confidence, how to find their strengths and weaknesses, and presenting yourself as a potential employee who is worth investing in

7. Enable students to work in teams and to appreciate the value of teamwork

8. Teach students how to allocate time at work, how to organize wellto avoid pressure for the given deadlines

9. Help students on how to cope with stressful situations

10. Use IT tools to form a good presentation

11. Learning phrases in the local language

12. Feedback after interviews 



  • Schools are responsible for disseminating the project of the local community through local media and school’s sites; cooperation with enterprises, employment services.
  • Each partner is hosting a meeting aimed at achieving the project. 



Erasmus: Summary of student exchange in Poland 2015 (The European Job Market of the Youth) 

Standard National CV vs. Europass form - 

How NOT to get a Job - 

Kokkola, Finland, March 14 to March 18, 2016.