Film reviews


After we've seen the movie from France, we were wondering if this was a common situation in French schools, or if it was an exception. What caught our eye was that the kids seemed to be very aggressive and disrespectful towards the teachers, who were trying to help them overcome their financial and social problems in order to get a better education. There are some similarities between French schools and schools in Croatia because in our schools you can also encounter students who act the same way, being arrogant and disrespectful. Seeing the movie made us think about what we can do to help these students and get them on the right path, since they also affect other students by their behavior. Another similarity we noticed was that the architecture, the school interior and the climate are very much alike in France and Croatia. However, there are some differences between the situation in the movie and Croatian schools. For instance, in France there are a lot of ethnical groups which can get into conflict with other groups because of their opinions and beliefs, and that is not very common in Croatia. Finally, there are some questions we would like to ask about the movie: How do you handle these situations? How are you planning to solve this problem? Are there any communication problems between students due to different ethnicities? All in all, the movie was different than the other movies we received and it was very thought-provoking. 


We really liked the movie Sweden sent us. We think that most of the teenagers behave the way they do in this movie, and face similar problems. One of these problems is alcoholism, which we consider the biggest issue. Another problem shown in the movie is drug abuse, especially at parties. Furthermore, there is too much sexual behavior since the characters are still young. We also noticed a lack of communication between them and their parents since the teenagers often don’t even want to talk to their parents. The characters seem to be very interested in alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and sex. In our opinion, this isn’t unusual because it is a common problem in Croatia as well. Another issue the movie deals with is the difficulty of accepting those who are different than the majority. The teenagers can’t accept the fact that their friend is lesbian, even though that shouldn’t even matter. The kids in the movie are aggressive, mean and pretty immature for their age. As for the economic status, the characters don’t seem to be in a very good financial situation. We got that impression because they live in substandard accommodation, as if they are going through a financial crisis. We would like to ask some questions about the teenagers in Sweden: Do most of the teenagers behave this way? Do you think that teenagers behave differently in other countries? Why is everyone in the movie so pessimistic? Our overall impression of the movie is very favorable because everyone liked it. It shows a realistic situation and doesn’t make everything seem perfect, like some of the movies usually do. We are sure that some of us can relate to the problems shown in the movie, especially feeling like an outcast in today’s society and being treated badly for not fitting in. The movie was different than the other movies and that’s why we liked it the most.


After we've seen the movie that was sent to us from Cyprus, we've come to a conclusion that we are different and similar at the same time. When it comes to resemblance, we are troubled by the same problems, such as a lack of free time, stress caused by school, and pressure from our parents and peers. On the other hand, there are some positive aspects in our lives that are also similar, since we share most of our interests like dancing, music, reading, video games and sports. However, there are significant differences between our two worlds, and from these differences we can learn a lot in order to become better people. One positive quality that we should pay attention to is that the students form Cyprus don’t use as much technology or cell phones as we do, but spend as much time possible hanging out with their friends or studying. Another major difference is that their education system is more organized than ours, their time management is more efficient, and we like the fact that they can select their own subjects which are related to their interests. The students form Cyprus are more dedicated to school and their parents are more involved in their education by choosing some of the subjects and extracurricular activities. Aside from the school system, there are some noticeable differences in the environment. The climate is much warmer and the architecture is quite different, which we like because the houses are more exotic and the environment is cleaner. Overall, we would love to visit Cyprus and ask them some questions such as how they would spend more free time if they had it, and if they would like to visit Croatia.