Preparation of the film that will introduce our school

The film was shot in the school studio, and along with the movie, a presentation and interviews with three students were made. Under the guidance of their teachers, the students made the film, interview with students and presentation of the Republic of Croatia and Varazdin. The students translated the film, which was filmed in Croatian, and made subtitles in English. The idea was that students from the school partners hear Croatian language in our first contact. We exchanged the films at the meeting in Varazdin movies, except for French partners who sent their film later. As a part of the first activity, we organized watching the films from partner countries. During December 2014, the school organized watching the films from Cyprus and Sweden. The films were watched by forty students who wrote down their comments and observations. The comments referred to the similarities and differences in the lives of young people, school, and environment. The teachers reviewed the students’ comments and in January 2015, 8 selected students reviewed all the comments and composed a report in an agreed form for the partner schools. The film from French partner school was watched in February 2015 due to delay in receiving their film. After watching the film, selected students read the comments and made common comments of Croatian students. The comments we sent to students in the partner countries. The last feedback, comments on our movie and materials were received on the 16th March 2015, and we organized a common analysis of obtained comments for the students at our school. This is the beginning of student cooperation, and we will define the manner and intensity of student communication at the meeting in Nicosia in May 2015.