First partners’ meeting Varaždin

The first transnational project meeting was held from 1st to 3nd December 2014 in Varazdin, instead, as planned, in September. The meeting was attended by 13 representatives from partner schools: two representatives from Sweden, the project coordinator; three from France; two from Cyprus; and six members from the Croatian school.

1st and 3rd December were planned for the journey, and 2nd December for activities according to the work plan. At the beginning of the meeting we presented the schools. We then discussed the signed contracts, and financial resources. We pointed out the problem as all the funds were intended for transnational meetings, and the funds for the planned mobility of students were included in the French partners’ contract. It was agreed that the project coordinator from Sweden and partners from France contact their NA about this problem. We received the reply that the transfer of funds between countries is not possible, and we will discuss the details of how to realize all project objectives at the second transnational meeting.

The second transnational meeting will be held from 5th to 7th May in Cypriot partner school. 5th to 7th May are planned for the journey, and the meeting will be held on 6th May, where we will analyze the activities that we have agreed on at the first transnational meeting, and arrange a work plan for the following period.We informed all the teachers at our school about the project details and invited interested parties to get involved.

16 teachers volunteered, of which we chose four activity managers, and everyone else will be involved in activities at school.

Due to the fact that the students from partner schools are aged up to 15, we involved all the first-grade students from our school in project activities (about 300 students). Our project consists of 10 activities, which we spread evenly throughout the project.