Mobility in Italy

The students and professors of the Varaždin Electrical Engineering School participated from 26 May to 31 May in the Erasmus + project Ethics in Sport in the last activity related to the project entitled Racism in Sport.

After arriving in Naples, a brief cultural tour of the city of Naples followed, a joint lunch, a drive to Cilente and lodging at home.

The working days at the Istituto D'istruzione Superiors "Ancel Keys" were filled with sports and work activities of a non-assigned theme involving both students and teachers. We played traditional games like rope pulling, ball games and sacking. The joint activities of teachers and students were followed by group work of students on the topic of Racism in Sport, while the professors held joint meetings on the remaining curricular activities where the last activities awaited were agreed - completion of the methodical manual, holding a conference on Ethics in Sport and translation Curriculum Ethics in Sport.

The students who participated in the mobility in Italy are: Luka Puček, David Ljubić, Jakov Gorski, Jan Fusić, Ivor Skoro, Karlo Rosenthal, Tomislav Milec and teachers: Aleksandra Rodeš and Tobias Behloul.

Castelnuovo, Italy – AGENDA.

Thursday, 11 April 2019 16:11

C3 LTT – Singen – Student exchange

Under the Erasmus + project "Ethics of Sports" from March 24th to March 30th 2019. C3 Learning, teaching, training activity - Student exchange was held at the partner school Friedrich Woehler Gymnasium in Singen, Germany.

In addition to the Friedrich Woehler Gymnasium and our representatives, a partner from Italy "Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Ancel Keys” also participated.

Seven students from our school selected on the basis of the competition that was conducted, actively participated in this activity; Paola Horvat, Ira Kocijan, Helena Strniščak, Sebastian Krehula, Filip Matijević, Toni Čakmazović and Petar Herceg-Rušec. The students were accompanied by a project coordinator, teacher Vlado Ščapec and a German language teacher Barbara Golenja.

Description of activity: Piloting the Module 3 of the Framework Curriculum "Sports Ethics" through short-term exchanges, developing curricula on the subject of Gender Equality in Sport.



The 3rd Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus + project "Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum" was held at the IIS Ancel Keys in Castelnuovo Cilento on 15 and 16 January 2019.
The Meeting was attended by representatives of the following partners: Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin, Croatia: Vlado Ščapec, Tobias Behloul. Friedrich-Woehler-Gymnasium Singen, Germany: Jens Putzar and Hildegard Rieger. Theological Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Mateja Centa and Vojko Strahovnik.
ISS Ancel Keys from Cilento, Italy: Maria Gabriella Giuliani, Mercedes Iannuzzelli, Filomena Greco, Marco Fenuccio and Emilio Zambrano.
The Small Philosophy Zadar of Croatia could not attend the Meeting for some personal reasons, which were duly communicated previously by Bruno Curko to the Croatian National Agency.

As part of the first Open Forum topic, Vlado Ščapec got to know to everyone more closely everything that this project is carrying out in his school, in particular he expressed great satisfaction from his school as for what concerned the previous meeting in Varaždin, where for the first time students were participating at the training event. Internal interim evaluation and satisfaction reports of each school/other project partner were reported by each participant. Each of the representatives of the participating school were fully satisfied as well and all presented what has been done so far within the project in their own school, particularly the project progress in the period June 2018- January 2019. It was also discussed the problems they had to face and the ways of solving and ethics of sport curriculum-related expectations and goals.

It was checked the efficiency of the common mailing list activated for the project implementation, both for teachers and students: since some misunderstandings still persist, it was agreed that each partner will clearly define and express who, what, how and when something still missing should be developed and delivered for easier and more efficient communication.
Dr. Vojko Strahovnik from the Faculty of Theology of the University of Ljubljana stated that very few elements of the Curriculum framework still are missing from the schools of Germany, Italy and Croatia. An email will be sent with all that has to be done to fix it.
As for the dissemination, all partners could present their detailed dissemination plans, which were closely related to the expected dissemination activities listed in the application form. An email from the Faculty will be sent to each partner, who will describe all activities already done to disseminate the Erasmus + project "Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum" in each country.
At the end of the first day, all participants went for a short tour in Cilento area and then to a joint dinner.
The second day began with Vlado Ščapec’s presentation of the Interim Report that has been sent to the Croatian National Agency. Till now the Interim Report hasn’t been evaluated yet. That means the project coordinator school is waiting for a possible visit and check to be done by the Croatian Agency. There were no critical consideration, all seemed to be well described and developed.
The draft of the Methodological guidelines were sent by the Small Philosophy of Zadar to all partners. Since Bruno Curko could not attend the meeting, a skype call was made to discuss the Methodological guidelines and how to implement it. In particular Voiko made it clear that all partners should be really innovative in all IO to be written up, published and delivered for the future dissemination of the project.

Work-related tasks were renewed: Each partner has to send his own feedback on the Intellectual Outputs already realized.
The project web portal already implemented was showed in particular by the project coordinator, Vlado Ščapec.
A draft of the agenda for the next meeting in Singen, Germany in March 2019 was given by Jens Putzar.
All points to be refined about the further implementation of the project were discussed and the meeting could come to an end.
In conclusion, this Training Event was truly successful and productive because it helped all participants to understand better the future project activities to be jointly done as well as how to further implement the IO and the dissemination activities.

Transnational Meeting in Castelnuovo, Italy - AGENDA 

Castelnuovo, 16.01.2019.

Report compiled by:
Filomena Greco

Piloting the Module 1 : Intentional Rule-Breaking and Fair-Play in Sport and Module 2 : Virtues and Flaws in Sport of the Curriculum Frame work “Ethics Of Sport”

The 1st Short-term exchanges of pupils was held at the Elektrostrojarska škola in Varaždin on 05.-09.11.2018. in the framework of the Erasmus + project "Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum".
Representatives of all partners were present:

  1. ISS Ancel Keys from Cilento, Italy
  2. Friedrich-Woehler-Gymnasium Singen, Germany
  3. Theological Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  4. Mala filozofija, Zadar, Croatia

On the basis of the Curriculum framework "Ethics of Sport" (intellectual output O1) as well as the draft version of the Methodology Guidelines - a tool-kit for teaching Ethics of Sport under the secondary school curriculum (draft version of the intellectual output O2), we tested Module 1 - Intentional Rule-Breaking and Fair-Play in Sports and Module 2 - Virtues and Flaws in Sport with difrent methods. The concept of the first Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils was to use peer-learning of secondary school students from 3 partner schools and peer-teaching of teachers from 3 partner schools that were in Varaždin.

Throughout different lectures we tried to test various methodological approaches:

  • working in groups
  • debate methods
  • discussion methods
  • playing games: pop quiz, role playing game
  • fisherman game,
  • fish bowl method

In general, we can say that the 1st. Short-term exchange of pupils was successful. All planned tasks had been completed. On the next meeting in Cilento we are going to discuss about thr mobility in Varaždin and make some conclusion about it. This information could be important for the future development of the Curriculum framework and Metodological kit. After the Mobility the project coordinator Mr. Vlado Ščapec kindly asked all participant to fill Google form survey about mobility in Varaždin. Project team will be informed about the results of the survey on the next meeting in Cilento in January 2019.

A report was compiled by Vlado Ščapec


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