Report from 1st. Short-term exchanges of pupils, Varaždin, 05.-09.11.2018. (Activity No. C2)

  • Friday, 22 February 2019 18:11
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Piloting the Module 1 : Intentional Rule-Breaking and Fair-Play in Sport and Module 2 : Virtues and Flaws in Sport of the Curriculum Frame work “Ethics Of Sport”

The 1st Short-term exchanges of pupils was held at the Elektrostrojarska škola in Varaždin on 05.-09.11.2018. in the framework of the Erasmus + project "Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum".
Representatives of all partners were present:

  1. ISS Ancel Keys from Cilento, Italy
  2. Friedrich-Woehler-Gymnasium Singen, Germany
  3. Theological Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  4. Mala filozofija, Zadar, Croatia

On the basis of the Curriculum framework "Ethics of Sport" (intellectual output O1) as well as the draft version of the Methodology Guidelines - a tool-kit for teaching Ethics of Sport under the secondary school curriculum (draft version of the intellectual output O2), we tested Module 1 - Intentional Rule-Breaking and Fair-Play in Sports and Module 2 - Virtues and Flaws in Sport with difrent methods. The concept of the first Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils was to use peer-learning of secondary school students from 3 partner schools and peer-teaching of teachers from 3 partner schools that were in Varaždin.

Throughout different lectures we tried to test various methodological approaches:

  • working in groups
  • debate methods
  • discussion methods
  • playing games: pop quiz, role playing game
  • fisherman game,
  • fish bowl method

In general, we can say that the 1st. Short-term exchange of pupils was successful. All planned tasks had been completed. On the next meeting in Cilento we are going to discuss about thr mobility in Varaždin and make some conclusion about it. This information could be important for the future development of the Curriculum framework and Metodological kit. After the Mobility the project coordinator Mr. Vlado Ščapec kindly asked all participant to fill Google form survey about mobility in Varaždin. Project team will be informed about the results of the survey on the next meeting in Cilento in January 2019.

A report was compiled by Vlado Ščapec


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