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Mobility in Italy

The students and professors of the Varaždin Electrical Engineering School participated from 26 May to 31 May in the Erasmus + project Ethics in Sport in the last activity related to the project entitled Racism in Sport.

After arriving in Naples, a brief cultural tour of the city of Naples followed, a joint lunch, a drive to Cilente and lodging at home.

The working days at the Istituto D'istruzione Superiors "Ancel Keys" were filled with sports and work activities of a non-assigned theme involving both students and teachers. We played traditional games like rope pulling, ball games and sacking. The joint activities of teachers and students were followed by group work of students on the topic of Racism in Sport, while the professors held joint meetings on the remaining curricular activities where the last activities awaited were agreed - completion of the methodical manual, holding a conference on Ethics in Sport and translation Curriculum Ethics in Sport.

The students who participated in the mobility in Italy are: Luka Puček, David Ljubić, Jakov Gorski, Jan Fusić, Ivor Skoro, Karlo Rosenthal, Tomislav Milec and teachers: Aleksandra Rodeš and Tobias Behloul.

Castelnuovo, Italy – AGENDA.

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