Erasmus+ KA2 project "Hybrid Learning Lab for Industry 4.0 Mechatronics" is carried out by five schools and organisation from Estonia, Portugal, Poland and Croatia. Applicant organisation is Electromechanical school Varaždin (Varaždin, Croatia), and partners in the project are:

  • Tartu Vocational College (Tartu, Estonija),
  • FORAVE – vocational/technical school (Lousado, Portugal)
  • Stowarzyszenie na rzecz innowacji i edukacji (Radom, Poland),
  • SVIMA (Zagreb, Croatia).

The aim of the project is to adjust vocational education in the field of mechatronics with the labour market in the context of the growing Industry 4.0. Rapid technological and digital progress requires the acquisition of new skills and competencies to work in such an environment. The project seeks to develop key competencies needed for students active participation in the labour market after graduation.

There are several categories of project activities that will be carried out:

  1. Comparative Analysis - Challenges and implications for VET providers at the upper secondary level in respect to Industry 4.0 trends/labour markets needs,
  2. Exchange of competencies and know-how / tailor-made trainings – 3 short-term joint staff trainings,
  3. Development of the model “Hybrid Learning Lab for Industry 4.0 Mechatronics” – development of Curriculum Framework and Methodological Guidelines,
  4. Piloting of the model “Hybrid Learning Lab for Industry 4.0 Mechatronics”– face-to-face and on-line collaborative teaching and learning, combined with short-term physical mobilities/exchanges of the IVET students,
  5. Dissemination and Multiplier events.

Project duration: 24 months (1.11.2021. – 31.10.2023.)

Total value: 199.313,00 €

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